Theatre Works presents the DOUBLE BILL season under the mentorship of Aaron Joyner (Magnormos), in association with Karin Muiznieks and Apollo Productions, of Housewarming: A New Musical and Give My Regards to Broady.

Theatre Works' 2011 Musical Works season feature two Australian musicals developed and presented by Theatre Works under the artistic mentorship of Aaron Joyner (Magnormos).

"These shows are written by really fresh, new writing teams/writers," said Joyner. "It's a really youthful season – both shows have a youthful edge and show great promise for future work to come. There's also a specific Melbourne slant to both of them with lots of comedy but also a lot of drama.

"There are thematic links that cross both shows but Broady really goes for comedy – it's like a sitcom. It's in a more 'traditional' musical theatre style – melodic, toe-tapping, and ear-pleasing. Some of the songs are parodies of others. It's a very funny situational comedy.

"Housewarming is more Gen Y. It's not grunge but it has an alternative music sound that's not really down the expected musical theatre style. Here the writers were trying to create a score that appeals to audiences of their own era. Ultimately both shows are coming-of-age stories from coming-of-age writers."

In mentoring the writers, Joyner "started the process and shaped it in a way that could be handed over to the shows' directors. I didn't want to take over as a director myself. So I worked with the actual themes of the shows and the individual characters. Together we tried to find a point and purpose for everything and to trim superfluous things to clarify both the story and plot within story. We asked why each song is introduced into the book and tried to find ways to link the songs. I had them thinking in broader terms before they started tearing down individual scenes for the directors to work with.

"There was lots of editing in that final week – new scripts were coming in every day. The writers were phenomenal, they were hungry for the feedback. They had a real willingness to be mentored and get right into it and sink their teeth in to make it the best that they could. It was a great experience for me to be working with two writing teams that were so eager to be part of a mentoring process."

Housewarming: A New Musical is a brand new Australian Musical presented in partnership with Apollo Productions:


Moving day. Six 20 somethings. One St Kilda share house. Some are escaping pushy parents, others have pushed theirs over the edge. Some have been roaming free for a while and others just need a place to call home. In one night, tempers are tested, relationships blossom, and they’ll all share a drink as things heat up.

Housewarming: A New Musical is written by Belinda Jenkin (Practically Perfect, Butterfly Club) and William Hannagan (Gym Junkie, Butterfly Club). This is their first musical. This exciting premiere work will be directed by Petra Kalive (Red Stitch, St Martins Youth, Melbourne Playback).

Give My Regards to Broady, presented in partnership with Karin Muiznieks, heralds a return of the smash hit 2008 Comedy Festival production and further developed under MUSICAL WORKS:


Karin and James live in a house. As the bills start piling up they begin to wonder if a career in the arts is all it's cracked up to be. With the help of their friends Erin and Luke they unravel the mysteries of musical theatre in Melbourne and find happiness somewhere between Kander and Ebb and the kitchen sink.

“Grab your metcard and book a seat before these stars in the making are whisked away to bigger things” – Australian Comedy Review

Written by Green Room Award nominee Karin Muiznieks (World War Wonderful, Filthy Secrets), James Simpson (Lasalle College of the Arts) and Antenna Award nominee Dan Walmsley (Planet Nerd, Laughmageddon II: The Copenhagening.) Directed by Green Room Award nominee Scott Gooding (Eric, Blood, First Against The Wall.)

Monday 28th November to Saturday 10th December
7pm & 8:45pm