Controversy has sprung from this year’s Green Room Award nominations, as there is no category for Best Musical of 2013.

Despite such large-scale shows as Legally Blonde, Gypsy, King Kong and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang having played in Victoria last year, not one show was deemed fit to receive the state’s prestigious Best Musical award.

The decision was made by a specific musical theatre judging panel, comprised of eight members who were not required to nominate a minimum number of shows. Instead, the judges were asked to select musicals to place in the category based on quality alone. Thus, Green Room president Chris Thompson says, the panel “have reached the conclusion that there was not a work they could nominate this year.”

The leader of the judging panel, Will Conyers, defended the panel’s conclusion, stating: “The important thing to remember when we are awarding these productions is the alumni of many years of the categories that have been awarded in the past and this year we didn’t have a year for the best.”

Still, hope remains for musicals in other award categories, with King Kong receiving five award nominations and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang receiving seven.

Despite Best Musical being silenced for this year’s awards, the nominations list still remains extensive. A full version of the list can be found here: