MUSE 90401 an inspiration.

**** Stars

By George Dixon

The Melbourne Fringe Festival continues its tradition of presentations.

The only difference for 2020 is that all the presentations are digital.

Something that the people of Melbourne are getting used to.

Muse 90401 is one of the festival’s gems.

A one-woman, play written and performed by the award-winning Fadik Sevin Atosoy,

a Turkish born actor, director and writer, known for Zeynep’in sekiz günü (2007), In the Jail Now (2005) and her latest works  Muse 90401.

Muse 90401 is a brilliant play, providing an interpretive mindset, into the lives of three famous women, Cleopatra, Anna Karenina and Mona Lisa.

This bold and thought-provoking, play is a combination of “in-character” dialogue, sprinkled with some very cleverly written songs and well-constructed yet simple choreography.

The production provides simplicity with depth; the stage is open and well light, Grand Piano, the only musical instrument is set to one side.

The Muse, the only actor, enters carrying a red suitcase. (which is not lost on the name of the Production Company: Red Case Entertainment )

It is clear from the opening number that the Checky Muse longs to be a human, however she

Is brought to account for her actions. It is not until the end that the audience is left to decide.

The performance is seamless as a one-act play of sixty minutes. The transition between characters, happening behind the red case.

The depth comes within the cheekiness of the Muse, the defences given in support of her missions of inspiration, to Tolstoy, Da Vinci and Shakespeare.

In so, the Mues submits the various subtle ways that she inspires.

Be it under the artists brush while he paints? or the whispers she gives, while sitting on the shoulder of the play-write? or the instructions she shouts to the one ear artist?

Muse 90401 is, an inspiration, with the right balance, of humour, song, characters and dialogue, the time passed quickly, while Atosoys performance and musical abilities are clearly on display. Starting slowly, it builds up to a respectable pace, with just the right amount of interesting facts and insights, which are easy to follow while being entertaining.

Watching this online did not distract the performance, as the camera work is excellent, in some ways, it’s like being in the front row.

While there is nothing like being at a live event for the atmosphere, I found the attention and engagement to be adequately compelling.

Muse 90401

Venue:         Digital Fringe


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Dates:          November 11th 13th 18th 20th 25th 27th

Time:           8.00 PM