Muse 90401 is a one-woman play written and performed by award-winning actress Fadik Sevin Atasoy. The work sets out to re-envision the lives of three famous women from art and literature through the perspective of a rebellious “Muse”. Ingenious, humorous, thought provoking and bold, this non-stop, tour de force, gives new voice to Anna Karenina, Cleopatra and Mona Lisa. The play transforms the tragic endings of these women offering the audience an empowering vision of who they really were and could have been.

The story explores the life of a Muse who was sent by the Planet of the Arts to planet earth. Her mission is to inspire Tolstoy, Shakespeare and Da Vinci. Though she tries to encourage the masters to keep Anna Karenina and Cleopatra alive and to give Mona Lisa a smile, she is brought before the court to defend her failures. Her deepest

desire is to be a human and she expresses her reasons through songs. Accompanied by a live musician, who is also her attorney, she now stands before the audience who will ultimately be her jury. Will she be able to win their hearts?

VENUE: Digital Fringe

DATE : November 11th – November 13th – November 18th – November 20th – November 25th – November 27th –

TIME : 8.00 PM

Running Time: 60 Minutes

Production Company: Red Case Entertainment

Links for the teaser:

Instagram: @Muse90401

Link for the show:

Instagram: @Muse90401