Benjamin Law’s debut play, Torch the Place, will have its world premiere on Friday 14 February at Arts Centre Melbourne, directed by Dean Bryant (The Lady in the Van).

This poignant modern comedy, commissioned as part of MTC’s NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program, stars Michelle Lim Davidson (Utopia), Diana Lin (The Farewell), Fiona Choi (The Family Law), Max Brown (The Gloaming), and Charles Wu (Doctor, Doctor).

Littered with Law’s signature wit, Torch the Place sparks joy in the clutter of life and uncovers meaning in those chaotic moments that bring families closer together.

Teresa’s Mum finds it impossible to let anything go – from grudges to household objects. She thinks of her home as a museum full of irreplaceable treasures. But she’s not really a curator – she’s a hoarder – and her house is enough to give Marie Kondo heart palpitations. When her children return home for her 60th birthday, it isn’t a reunion – it’s an intervention.


February 8 – March 21