Elaine Crombie (Black Comedy), Nicholas Denton (Wild) Kamil Ellis (Nowhere Boys), Tahlee Fereday (Fallen), Tony Nikolakopoulos (Wentworth) and Calen Tassone (Red Dog), star in the world premiere of Astroman, Albert Belz’s irresistibly funny and heart-warming love letter to the `80s.

Against a backdrop of BMX bikes, Michael Jackson, Gary Ablett, Donkey Kong and Friday night Kentucky Fried Chicken, Astroman explores the highs and lows of growing up in Geelong, the exhilaration of learning and what it means to be truly courageous.

Step back in time to the ’80s. Gary Ablett has just signed with Geelong. Cyndi Lauper blares through the stereo. Thirteen-year-old Jiembra Djalu and his brother Sonny are the new kids in town, and while Jiembra may be a video game whizz and maths genius, he’s always getting into strife. A friendship with the owner of the local arcade and a chance at gaming glory could see him change his life forever, but could also mean leaving behind what means most – his brother and adoring mother.

October 27 – December 8