Each piece was simply stunning. The orchestra played with such strength and feeling, from the first note to the last, I’m sure that they all had plenty of energy left to continued for many more hours.

As if that would have been enough, we were treated to 4 magnificent soloists, whose solo excerpts highlighted their musical talents.

The absolutely wonderful Antoinette Halloran (Soprano), with such purity of voice, along with her commanding stage presence and facial expressions, was a joy to watch, and listen to.

The very exquisite Jacqueline Dark (Mezzo Soprano), who simply transported you through her personality and vocal range, was just stunning.

Warwick Fyfe (Baritone) who completely charmed us, with his expressions and gestures, as a soloist, while within the duets Fyfe provided both balance and comedy.

The evening was full of musical highs and lows, as you experienced the many aspects and emotions of each piece, but no more, than witnessing the delicacy and emotional strength from tenor David Rogers-Smith. The marriage of Smith’s voice, with the orchestra gently and softly carrying the sustained notes, was nothing short of a magical experience.

The masterpiece of the evening was the introduction of a mahogany baby grand piano.

Mahogany baby grand’s are hard to come by. This one was just over 100 years old, and came from Ballarat. It was very much a fitting instrument to provide justice to the music of Mozart. The pianist was no other than Mr. Hoang Pham. This alone was worth the price of the ticket.

Within seconds, it was as if you were transported to any of the royal courts of Europe, listening to Mozart play. Not only did he make this baby grand sing, Pham also made her dance.

Mozart Til Midnight was a night to remember and cherish. It is too good for just one night.

I’m sure that at some stage, and hopefully not too far away, this concert will be back.

melbourne music theatre festival logoMozart Til Midnight – Produced by Melbourne Musical Theatre Festival and performed at the Athenaeum Theatre.

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