Mothers Ruin a cabaret about gin. A cabaret. About gin. Need we really say anything more?

From Libby Wood and Maeve Marsden (Lady Sings It Better), comes an all-new original cabaret production that looks at the fascinating and horrifying history of gin. From the 1700s until present, the mythology and propaganda around gin has been used to subjugate women, to build misnomers on miscarriage, to keep women in the home. Mothers Ruin takes these stories, adds a splash of Amy Winehouse, a drop of Kurt Weill and a twist of Dolly Parton, and makes an all new cabaret cocktail.

This is a production that is equal parts historical and hysterical. It uses heaving harmonies and tipsy candour to look at the contemporary gin boom, and where it has come from.

Mother’s Ruin explores the secret history of gin through story and song. Stumble and soar through tales of love, women and gin as they wind their way through 18th Century London, a few New York speakeasies, the Australian bush and the jungles of Peru.

June 14 – 19