A martyred saint. A talking moth. A mission to redeem our sins….

Sebastian is a terminally unpopular fifteen-year-old suburban kid, with an overactive imagination, an obsession with death and the Anime character Sailor Moon. His only friend, Claryssa, is an Emo Wiccan Goth art-freak barely one rung higher than Sebastian on the social ladder.

Imagine a theatrical realm of ecstatic visions and saints, of religious passions and martyrdom… Both Sebastian and Claryssa are stuck together in an eternal night of role-playing and storytelling, where they are trying to piece together their shared history and reconcile their differences. What starts as just another night drinking and cracking jokes down at their local cricket nets soon gives way to an ecstatic vision that leaves Sebastian unconscious, Claryssa missing without explanation and their friendship left in ruin. The next morning, he wakes up with a mysterious moth in a jar by his bed, a calling to save the souls of all humankind and a desperate need to reach Claryssa. And so begins the Passion of Sebastian…

Once again, as seen in his recent Melbourne Fringe Festival success A Black Joy, Greene empties the idea of a ‘fixed self’; Sebastian and Claryssa ‘remember’ with visitations from a cast of characters including Sebastian’s mother, who runs a small mail order lingerie company, and Father Max, the local pastor at the Baptist New Age church who may or may not be a paedophile…
“A dark, explosive talent, a playwright who channels the anxieties of 21st Century living into a tunnel of comedic nightmare.” – Alison Groggon, Theatrenotes.
At a rapid fire pace, Moth shifts locations, time frames, characters and concerns in a schizophrenic delusion of role-playing and storytelling to face the trauma that lies underneath these young character’s lives.
A bold and sensitive exploration of mental illness, Moth is a co-commission with Malthouse Theatre and Arena Theatre Company, who have been creating unique live performances for young audiences for over 40 years. Malthouse Theatre and Arena Theatre Company’s collaboration last year, Goodbye Vaudeville Charlie Mudd, has been nominated for 8 Green Room Awards.
Moth is a funny, highly charged and emotionally engaging play from Declan Greene, one of Melbourne’s most anticipated young playwrights. His produced works include: Bog, Laugh Out Loud, Rageboy, Home Economics and A Black Joy. With Ash Flanders, Declan runs DIY trash-theatre company Sister Grimm and in 2009 he was one of the Australian delegates at World interplay, a festival for young playwrights from around the world. Moth will also reignite the award winning partnership of Director Chris Kohn and designer Jonathan Oxlade when they bring their theatrical vision to the much loved Tower Theatre.
Beckett Theatre, The CUB Malthouse
113 Sturt St. Southbank.
13 May – 30 May 2010
Opening night: Friday 14 May at 7.00pm
Season: Tuesdays – Saturdays at 7.00pm, Sundays at 4.30pm; matinees – Thursday 13 May, Wednesday 19 May, Thursday 20 May, Wednesday 26 May, Thursday 27 May at 1.00pm, Saturday 15 May at 2pm
BOOKING INFO: www.malthousetheatre.com.au / 9685 5111
Ticket Prices: $16.50 – $30.00 + min. booking fee $1.50