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Josh Staley, is a rare breed of modern entertainer, who presents an amazingly appealing and mind blowing magic show, complete with ongoing comedy. This is packed with “what the” wonderment.

As Staley states, “often when people attend magic show, it is hard for them to later recall everything that has happened, instead there are “moments in time” which stand out, and stay with you, hence the name of the show”.

I and the audience were totally blown away with the number of unforgettable moments.

Staley is such a good communicator, who is very engaging with the audience.

In fact just about all of the magic is handled by totally randomly selected participants, including myself.

Selections are made by items that are placed on or under seats before the audience arrives, others are selected by catching coloured scrunched up paper balls, which Staley tosses over his head, with his back turned away.

Calling out to the audience for random numbers. Or as in my case, thinking about a random word, writing it down. Folding the paper and placing it in my pocket, while seating some 5 meters away.

Everything was deliberately random and totally controlled by the audience.

Staley hardly touched any of the objects, but through magic brought everything together.

The comedy was woven throughout the evening, sometimes through situations, or by asking others to read from a joke book, other times it was by a written prediction which was expanded through leading questions.

In all times, the audience was relaxed, smiling or laughing, totally engaged and amazed as the conclusion of each trick unfolded, sometimes the responses or articles reappeared from the inside of let’s say a completely sealed lemon, (the lemon had to be cut open)

This is a wonderfully entertaining show, which is well paced, suitable for families of young children and the young at heart.

As expected with any good magician Staley’s skills in shuffling and mixing cards is very impressive.  For me, and the people I spoke with, there were many magical moments in time.

Moments in time is being performed at the Basement Cafe 43/350 La Trobe St, Melbourne CBD Friday 19th April at 8.30 pm