Mockingbird Theatre's firm promise is to offer its audiences theatre of the highest calibre and it is with the passion of this promise, coupled with the brilliance and experience of Chris Baldock's direction, that we proudly offer you The Laramie Project.

By now many of you would have heard about the launch of Mockingbird Theatre – the new and exciting independent theatre company founded by the brilliant Chris Baldock who also takes on the mantle of Artistic Director. The firm commitment of Mockingbird is to bring to Melbourne audiences the best text-based contemporary classic plays from around the world as well as the promise to consistently offer its audiences theatre of the highest calibre.

With auditions for Mockingbird's first play, The Laramie Project, quickly approaching in June, a fundraising project was high on the list of things to do. While a large percentage of the initial funds needed to get Laramie on the boards is coming from the core company, additional funds to get it up and running properly are needed.. Different fundraising ventures have been looked at but Pozible seems by far the best arts fundraising venture out there. So after much planning, Mockingbird's Pozible project has launched today at:

I know that some of you have already registered your support by viewing the website (below) or by signing into the mailing list

Or registering your 'LIKE' on face book:

Your support in those areas has been amazing and I want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time. 

I would appreciate it very much if you would now consider offering further support by visiting the pozible link above and viewing the contents and, if you feel moved to, offering a monetary pledge which Mockingbird proudly guarantees will go towards laying the foundation towards the solid establishment of a hallmark theatre company.

Thank you so, so much. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!