If you were hoping to see Lin Manuel Miranda perform in Hamilton, the multiple Tony Award winning musical taking Broadway by storm, you have until July 9th. That’s the final performance by Miranda in the hit show – for now at least.

Miranda has confirmed he is leaving the show to “work on his accent” for the upcoming movie Mary Poppins Returns in which he will appear.  He is also finishing off music for Disney’s new movie Moana, due out later this year.

Miranda will be replaced by Javier Munoz who is the alternate in the role and already performs twice a week.

Miranda tweeted this in support, “I’m so thrilled for . We created the role together. I’m still jealous he got to perform for Jay-Z & Beyonce.”


Lin Manuel Miranda and Javier Munoz


Before he leaves, Miranda has confirmed two performances with the original cast will be filmed, although hasn’t indicated for what purpose other than archival interests.

Miranda has also indicated he will return to the show at some point – and anticipates he will continue to return to this role for as long as he is able, comparing himself to the likes of Topol as Tevye in Fiddler On The Roof, tweeting “I’m a be playing Hamilton for the rest of my life. Til I need help jumping on the desk. For real.”

There is no indication if any of his fellow cast members also plan to leave the show.