Deadpan British comedian Milton Jones brings even more puns and one-liners to this year’s festival in a slightly crazed and neurotic style that adds to the offbeat flavour of this enjoyable show.

When combined with The Tim Vine Chat Show, Milton Jones is turning the 2014 MICF into a ‘puntastic’ affair. However, while the two shows offer much the same material (both for example play on the idea of ‘skipping’ a bit), the difference is that while Vine is all old-school dad jokes, Jones is surrealist and a little bit ‘just escaped the asylum’ which adds some cooler cred to the proceedings.

The night of review was broken up by some uncomfortable banter with the audience regarding what they do for a living and “who’s not from Australia”, but this act is better than that when it sticks to the script. That is, an endless stream of frivolous, yet witty word plays and slightly extended one-liners. To help stop the act from feeling too never-ending however, Jones uses an old-fashioned overhead projector for a portion of the show, to clever effect for some visual one-liners as well.

Due to the similarity of the material, one can’t help draw comparison with The Tim Vine Chat Show, and if that were the ‘G’ rated version of this style of humour, Milton Jones would be at least ‘PG’, with his jokes occasionally steering into an unexpected, yet welcome, darkly amusing territory.

There’s not a lot more that can be said about Jones’ act with giving away jokes that are worth the money to hear live for yourself, including one around computer buffering that seems to be a joke ‘trend’ if Jones’ and Tom Gleeson’s acts are anything to go by.