Sometimes, in today’s society, there is just too much choice. Whether it’s choosing which book to read from the thousands of novels on the library shelf, to picking the right perfume that will reinvent your style for 2012, every day we are presented with an overwhelming set of choices. And entertainment is no different. With the endless selection of entertainment to pick from in this year’s exciting Midsumma festival, those of us on a tight budget need to pick our theatrical events carefully.  So if you are the kind of person that finds themselves stressed at a buffet, we’re giving you a guide to Midsumma “Must See” events to help you out.

If you are unsure as to what the Midsumma Festival is, now’s the best time to find out and get yourself onto the website. Midsumma is a spectacular annual Queer celebration. Spread over three weeks from mid January to February, Midsumma offers a plethora of cultural and arts events scattered all over Melbourne. It is a piece of Melbourne’s cultural history to be proud of.  Beginning in 1988 Midsumma helps promote Melbourne’s artistic footprint on the world (as well as challenging Sydney’s increasingly flashy Mardi Gras). It’s had quite a journey on its rise to the top and it now provides an incredible amount of original, innovative and exciting pieces of art and theatre for the denizens of Melbourne to enjoy.

But what to see?  Here are a few of our Top Picks for the 2012 season.


The Horror of the Inch: A Glam Rock Concert (22nd – 29th  Jan)

Glam Rock is the new flavour of the Midsumma Festival with the concert the “Horror of the Inch” to make its debut at the Order of Melbourne, Melbourne (22 January) and the DNM Bar and Nightclub, South Yarra (26-29 January).

The Horror of the Inch will include four Melbourne Singers and a five piece band the concert will pay tribute to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, David Bowie, Pat Benatar, Bonnie Tyler, Kiss, Tina Turner, Elton John and many other artistes.

Tickets are $27, $22 (concession) and $20 for group bookings.

To book tickets, visit or call 9415 9819.


Men at Work (11th Jan – 05th Feb)

Men at Work is a performance triptych at Theatre Works in St Kilda, made up of three unique, male performances from Melbourne, Dublin and New York, each one offering a different perspective and celebration of the queer community.
Mother/SON, a show written and performed by Jeffrey Solomon about the relationship between a young gay man and a parent struggling to accept her child’s sexuality (New York) and The Year of Magical Wanking (Dublin) written and performed by Neil Watkins as an exploration of porn addiction, destructive sexual behaviour, Catholic guilt and family heartbreak, have both had fantastic reception from international audiences and are sure to have an equally enthusiastic response for their Australian premier. The third show, Negative Energy Inc. by Melbournian Ash Flanders has been specially further developed for it’s Men at Work season, having already sold out at Hares and Hyenas earlier this year.

To book a triple pass to see all three hilarious, heartwarming shows, visit

$50/$45 concession for Season Pass [3 shows] plus booking fee.

Or, if you only have the time to see one, visit the what’s on page and take your pick from the Midsumma festival events.


Road Movie (24th – 28th Jan)

An international success, and written by an award winning L.A writer, Godfrey Hamilton, Road Movie is an hour-long one-man show set at the height of the AIDS crisis in America. It follows Joel, a man travelling across the country to find the love of his life, as he faces the idea of loss. Performed by Melbourne new-comer Dirk Hoult, who plays a series of different characters in his telling of the story, Road Movie takes it’s audience on a journey down the emotional path of grief and love.

On for a strictly limited season at Gasworks Studio Theatre in Albert Park from the 24th to the 28th of Jan, tickets are $18 – $30 for a 7:30 show.

To book, visit


Revolt Melbourne ArtSpace (17th Jan – 28th Jan)

This one is another triple bill of unique and poignant pieces. Revolt Melbourne ArtSpace is presenting three shows; Good Works, by Nick Enright, telling the story of two families fighting the adversities of life between the 1930’s and 1980’s, Seperating the Dust, following the family of the late Virginia Cromwell after her Will causes rifts in the relationship of her two sons, and Confessions of a Grindr Addict, a story of the intimate and often awkward experiences of the pleasures and pitfalls of sex, love, and Grindr.
Each show offers something completely different, so there’s something for everyone at this venue!

Tickets are around the $20.00 mark for each show, and you do have to book separately for these ones so make sure you check out the website and get tickets to one of these terrific shows (or all three, if you just can’t resist!).


Britney Spears: The Cabaret (18th – 29th January)

This one is a must see for anyone who wants to see the talented Christie Whelan show off her chops in a show written and directed by Dean Bryant and musically directed by Mathew Frank – all big names in the Melbourne theatre scene. This show is a satirical look at the pitfalls of fame – the perfect example being the tumultuous life of Britney Spears. Having already sold out one season in Melbourne, this Cabaret is coming back by popular demand to entertain this years theatre-goers with classic Britney tunes and a generous serving of hilarity.

Performed at Chapel off Chapel, this show is only running for a limited time to make sure you get in quick. Tickets will set you back $37.00 for full price and $32.00 for concession.
To book, visit: