Australian playwright and author Michele Lee makes her Malthouse Theatre debut with Going Down, Melbourne’s answer to Lena Dunham’s Girls. In this world, the girls aren’t privileged white kids, and they’re not successful.

Natalie Yang has the world at her feet. Her debut novel Banana Girl has finally hit the shelves. Her sex life is an endless smorgasbord and her posse laud her as the voice of her generation. Life just couldn’t be better.

But the success of her rival—an Indonesian political refugee and multi award-winning peddler of clichéd migrant stories—is about to send Natalie’s career and her confidence spiralling out of control. And when that bubble bursts, the come-down is very real. Natalie’s life flips into a tailspin as her job, her career, and her relationships are thrown into disarray. But that’s nothing a little booze, caffeine, and a few over-priced hipster lemonades can’t fix.

Leticia Cáceres directs this fast-paced and side-splitting comedy featuring a stellar cast including Catherine Davies, Naomi Rukavina, Josh Price, and Jenny Wu.

May 10 – June 3

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