Celebrating over a decade in comedy, Michael Williams and his show, Escape from a 90s educational CD-ROM! completes the spotlight on Moosehead recipients 2017.

 Escape from a 90s educational CD-ROM! Is a story of Michael Williams, a 12-year-old boy who was zapped inside his copy of Hello Learning: Aussie Edition 1994 a state-of-the-art CD-ROM (that rivalled Microsoft Encarta) and was never released.

After 23 years and knowing nothing of the modern world, Williams is still trapped in the CD-ROM where his friends are pictures of historical people, his job is reading as much as he can and his free time is spent writing a musical about Colonel Sanders.

After discovering some corrupted files that are fast spreading, Williams realises that time is running out and nobody will save him – so he decides that it is time to Escape from a 90s educational CD-ROM!

Williams discusses the joy of becoming a Moosehaead recipient and the genesis of his show below.


– what significance does it have for you (and your act) to be one of the 2017 Moosehead recipients   

Every year during the ramp up to the Melbourne Comedy Festival, I tend to have a crazy/stupid/ambitious idea. That idea sits in my head poking me in the brain, until I convince myself that the idea is too crazy/stupid/ambitious to actually try. Receiving the Moosehead this year means I actually have to perform the show that I usually have convinced myself is too insane by now.

– what do you remember most about being told that yoyo were a recipient and what did you do to celebrate   

I remember that I pretended to be a lot calmer when hearing the news. Inside my head the theme from Rocky was playing and fireworks were going off. Once I heard the news, I called my wife and pretended I didn’t receive the Moosehead but she didn’t buy it. I’m a bad liar.

– how difficult was the process and what do you think your unique quality was that enabled you to stand out as one of the recipients   

The process of receiving a Moosehead involves a written application and then a pitch. I was sick with the flu when I wrote the application and then

– how did the idea of your show come about and how would you describe your show to someone who knew nothing about it 

Here’s the pitch: It’s Castaway meets Microsoft Encarta. As a child I get trapped inside an educational CD-ROM and am stuck for over two decades. Today, I’m breaking out.

How did the idea come about? I work in a book shop by myself for long hours. I often feel trapped and alone with the world’s knowledge.

– what would you say to encourage people to attend

My show is contains a lot of animation. It took me hundreds of hours to do. Please come.

March 30 – April 23