Michael Veitch shows his serious side in the dramatic one-man stage show, Hell Ship

Author, actor and comedian Michael Veitch is set to tell tale of one of the most tragic true stories of our maritime history in his one-man stage show, Hell Ship – The Journey of Ticonderoga on Wednesday, 19 September at the Clocktower Centre.

Veitch will show the audience a more serious side in this dramatic performance that is set to shed some light and tell the true story of the Ticonderoga.

The Ticonderoga limped into Port Melbourne in 1852 after a nightmare voyage from England that lost a quarter of its 800 passengers who died of typhus.

Her saga of tragedy, loss and heroism gripped the people of our young nation like nothing before. This though, is just the beginning of the story.

The show shines a light on the ship’s surgeon who bravely nursed many of the passengers back to health. This man was Michael Veitch’s great-great-grandfather, James William Henry Veitch.

Hell Ship is directed by Peter Houghton with music by Thomas Veitch and written and performed by Michael Veitch.

Find out more about the doomed voyage of the Ticonderoga. Michael Veitch will be talking about his book “Hell Ship” at Sam Merrifield Library on Monday, 8 October at 7pm. This is a free event, however registrations are required.

September 19 at 8PM

Bookings: 03 9243 9191 or www.clocktowercentre.com.au