Reviewer: Adam Rafferty

Having had his Comedy Festival season disrupted by COVID, Nath Valvo felt like he had to make the most of his last night at Max Watt’s. Although sounding a little croaky still, he was full of his trademark energy and whiplash asides in this very funny routine about his usual pet subjects – the embarrassments of his youth, as highlighted by his parents, and difficulty of feeling you’ve ‘dated up’ in your relationship.

As a 38-year-old, Valvo feels he now has plenty of advice to offer, whether it be to renters, married couples, parents of gay kids, and especially to those in their twenties. He knows the warning signs that’s you’re getting old, and it has everything to do with whether you’re keen to ‘kick-on’ after a party, or if you’re planning your escape from the parking lot before the event is even over.

But perhaps more sadly, having reached this milestone, Valvo has been reflecting on his childhood ambitions compared to where he finds himself today. His mother’s obsession with keeping creepy items from his childhood included a revealing piece of work he brought home from his first day of primary school. Besides his very matter-of-fact responses to most questions, little Nath’s life ambition was to be a “Movie Actor”.

As evidence for his hypothesis that all his dreams are dead, he submits the closest thing he’s ever done to achieve his childhood goal. That is playing an unconscious patient on a hospital gurney in the background of Neighbours. Now if he even wanted to climb his way up the Ramsay Street ladder, the window of opportunity to quickly slamming shut!

But it’s Valvo’s lament about being the less respected half of his relationship that hits the richest vein of comedy gold. His boyfriend Cody is an infectious diseases expert, making his work infinitely more important than Valvo’s over the last two years. By coincidence the pair were both booked on ABCTV News Breakfast some time ago. Cody to speak about HIV research, Nath to talk about some kind of rural cow festival! The difference in respect levels shown to them both by Virginia Trioli is hilariously telling. At least he got a great stand-up set out of it!