London. 1888. Three detectives. One rat. Jack The Ripper is on the loose in Whitechapel and Ella, Madi and Millie will stop at nothing to take him down.

After a sold out Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2021 and an Adelaide Fringe tour in 2022, Catching Jack is back for a strictly limited season.

Separated in the darkness, our detectives will need all the help they can get to overcome devious enemies, chaotic allies and a very, very long arm. Start your engines and say your prayers – these detectives have definitely bitten off more than they can chew!

Directed by Ben Russell (‘The Grub’, Hug The Sun, Aunty Donna), Catching Jack is a wild adventure for the whole family. Except children. Use your head. And James Corden. Never for him.


 How would you describe your show to someone who knew nothing about  it?

It’s a silly sketch show in which three detectives and one rat attempt to hunt down Jack The Ripper – The Mighty Boosh meets Sherlock Holmes. 

What/Who was its inspiration?

The grotty setting of Victorian London was the main inspiration – filled with dark alleys, unsavoury characters and no child labour laws. Perfect for laughs.

What do you think is the best quality?

For a sketch show, we have an absurd amount of props and costumes.

While this quantity of props does haunt us whenever we need to bump into venues, they make the world the show lives in highly theatrical, rich, and extra silly. We want you to feel transported to Victorian London as soon as you enter the theater. If you don’t, this has all been a massive waste of time.

Why should people see it?

This is historical revisionism at its finest!!! If you’d like to see someone in a big rat costume, it’s the perfect night out for you!!!!

If  there is one thing you would like to say to your fans, what is it?

Please respect our privacy – all four of you.

Who or what has been the greatest influence on your career?

Since we first started making stuff as a group, we’ve found Melbourne’s comedy community to be ridiculously supportive. Any time our audience has grown, it’s because other acts have put a spotlight on us, and that’s pretty neat.

Who makes you want to create?

We’ll blame the films and TV we watched as kids for putting us on this sickly path – like Monty Python, The Mighty Boosh and 30 Rock.

When did it become clear to you that comedy and entertainment were your passions?

When we each committed to our collection of Fine Arts degrees, leaving us deeply unemployable in any other field.

What does comedy, creation and entertainment mean to you?

Everything. We’re more important than doctors and definitely cooler.

What are 3 words that describe you?

Millie, Madi and Ella.

What are 3 things that would surprise people to learn about you?

One of us is called Millie, one is Madi and one is Ella.

How excited are you to be performing in front of a live audience again after the devastation that w of the Covid shut downs?

We’ve had three runs of this show cancelled at various points over the past few years, so anytime we do manage to get it on stage we feel pretty spoiled.

Over the big 2020 lockdown, we did release a scripted podcast (The Candyman) for people to enjoy in their own homes, but it doesn’t compare to hearing the reaction to your work live.

What is next for you?

Probably burning the rat costume.

Big Big Big is a comedy trio combining Ella Lawry, Madi Savage and Millie Holten. Together, they make absurd comedy with tight narrative arcs and a ridiculous over-commitment to props. In 2021, they released their scripted podcast series, ‘The Candyman’. Since its release, the series has gained a cult following around the world – topping international podcast charts, being featured on ABC Radio Melbourne, CBC/Radio One Canada, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour, and placing for Best Comedy Podcast at the 2021 Australian Podcast Awards. In March 2021, they debuted Catching Jack at Melbourne International Comedy Festival to a sold-out season and rave reviews.