Sam Taunton is back for another hour and boy, does he have A LOT to report back on. Last year he won the Pinder Prize at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, he took up vaping, then quit vaping, debuted at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, scored his own regular segment on Network Ten’s The Project as a roaming idiot, then in a harrowing turn of events, took up vaping again.

Indeed a busy fella, Taunton is currently on tour right across Australia – well, a very close almost – in every fringe and comedy festival between now and May, but he will be back, tickling our funny bone, at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival come late March with his show, Rooster.

 Roosters vary greatly in appearance from breed to breed, but are often known to have bright, flashy colours, large combs and crow about wanting people to come to their new stand-up show.

How would you describe your show Rooster? 

 Sometimes I think people are so obsessed with comedy having a point, and it always annoys me. Comedy can just be funny! Like some things are just funny. Comedy shows aren’t essays or profound statements where the audience leaves with a new perspective. I’m just a dumb idiot talking about all the latest stuff that’s happened in my life and I’m trying to have fun doing it.

What/Who was its inspiration?

 I was on a beach in Italy with a bunch of comedians after the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and I was telling them a story and they all agreed that should be in my show and just like, Rooster was born!

Why should people see it? 

 I think more people should see comedy in general, not only my shows. If you come I reckon you’ll have a great time, plus I recorded a sketch that plays at the start of the show with my friends Jay and Tim and it’s so funny and worth the ticket price alone!

Who or what has been the greatest influence on your career / makes you want to create, be funny?

 Ohhhh this is such a hard question. Probably the biggest influence has been old men that I used to play golf with between the ages of 12-17. They were all so funny. We would golf on weekends and they’d tell me stories about their marriages and jobs etc. Honestly, I reckon if you have a one on one chat to someone over the age of 70 it will be funnier than 95% of comedians in the world.

When did it become clear to you that comedy and entertainment were your passions? 

 I grew up in a weird household. My dad was a country music musician, and constantly performing. I didn’t realise it was ever something I wanted to do but I guess it kind of seeped in without me realising. I was always funny at school and around my friends, but never thought about doing stand up or anything in the world of comedy. I remember watching Seinfeld once and my friend Jimmy Gould said “you should try stand up” – I didn’t get on stage till about 5 years later but that memory always sticks in my head.

What does comedy, creation and entertainment mean to you? 

Drugs, sex, and polite laughter on a quiet Wednesday night at a festival…

I mean I don’t really know. I love doing stand up, I love writing jokes and creating funny stuff – I think just being able to do that in a world where most people resent their jobs is a real privilege. I’m v lucky.

Are there 3 words that could best describe you? 

Nah, I’m not clever enough to break it down like that haha. I can’t stress how dumb I am!

What are 3 things that would surprise people to learn about you?


  • I have a pilot’s license
  • I have a boat license
  • I lost my driver’s license

What is next for you after Rooster tours Australia?

I’m in sunny Brisbane right now, then will head to Adelaide Fringe for two weeks, then Canberra comedy festival, then the big one – Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the entire month, then my hometown for Sydney Comedy Festival. I’ll take a break from the show for a few months then take it over to Scotland for Edinburgh Fringe!!!

Then I’ll never tell these jokes or stories ever again!!

Taunton burst onto the scene in 2017 where he was nominated for the prestigious Best Newcomer Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. In 2019, he charmed Australian audiences with his show, Straight From The Shoulder, which saw him take out the prestigious Pinder Prize and earned him a season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  He has also toured with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow throughout Australia and Asia, is a regular at Splendour In The Grass  and the nationwide Falls Festival, and has performed at Sydney Opera House as part of Just For Laughs.

Rooster at MICF

Dates: Thu 26 Mar – Sun 19 Apr (No show Mon)