Sam Taunton is back for another hour and boy, does he have A LOT to report back on.

He started 2020 with the comedy world at his feet. He won the Pinder Prize at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe and scored his own regular segment on Network Ten’s The Project and Triple J.

Then… COVID happened.

Without stand-up to focus on, he went off the rails. He developed serious addictions to My Muscle Chef, lemon cordial and YouTube videos of people hearing famous songs for the first time. This show is perfect for couples, parents, groups of friends, friends of friends, enemies, dogs, cats and anyone else living in Melbourne

Read on for 5 minutes with Sam Taunton:

 How would you describe your show to someone who knew nothing about it? 

First of all I’d say “why don’t you know anything about my show?! WTF have you been living under a rock?!”

And secondly I’d say it’s about two things: conspiracies and a story that will leave you GOBSMACKED.

What/Who was its inspiration?

In November 2019 I walked into a chicken shop in Nowra, NSW and the guy who was working started chatting to me. The conversation we had set off a chain of events and basically that became the spin/story of this show.

What do you think its best quality is? 

One hour of the best stand up comedy in the world! I missed out on festival touring last year (Covid-19) so basically I’ve had two years to work on this show so I’ve jammed it with as many punchlines as possible. Also I have a screen for the first time so get ready to see some multimedia!

Why should people see it? 

I will be supply my own version of the vaccine. I’ve been working on it for the past 10 months and I think I’ve got the recipe just right!

If there is one thing you would like to say to your fans, what is it? 

I need you guys to hit the street and raise awareness for me. It’s crazy I’m not the biggest comedian in the country. This is a call to arms. Let’s march on parliament house and make sure everyone knows my name!

Who or what has been the greatest influence on your career? 

There was this 70 year old man called Rod that I used to play golf with as a teenager. Still to do this day he’s funniest guy I’ve ever met. When I think about what sort of comedian I want to be, I think of Rod.

Who makes you want to create 

All of the greats! Bill Burr, Agro, The cast of Blue Water High etc. Writing and performing shows is my favourite thing to do!

When did it become clear to you that comedy and entertainment were your passions? 

My dad was a country music musician so I think performing was something that always influenced me and was the direction I wanted to head in. I feel like I fell into it, but also, maybe I would have been suited to being the funny guy at a BBQ. That’s still my fallback plan!

What does comedy, creation and entertainment mean to you? 

CCE. Nothing more important. I have it tattooed on my right calf. Come to my show and I’ll show you!

What are 3 words that describe you? 




What are 3 things that would surprise people to learn about you?

I don’t like olives

I believe in ghosts

I’ve never bombed a comedy show

How excited are you to be performing in front of a live audience again after last year’s covid shut down?

Honestly so excited. I missed touring so much last year and forgot how much joy and stability I get out of it. I can’t wait!

What is next for you?

Sydney comedy festival, some regional touring, hopefully Edinburgh Fringe happens, and distributing this homemade vaccine I’ve been making. People are reluctant to take it because obviously no one has approved it but I’m confident it’s going to take off!



                             SAM TAUNTON – ROOSTER

  Sam burst onto the scene in 2017 where he was nominated for the prestigious Best Newcomer Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. In 2019, he charmed Australian audiences with his show, Straight From The Shoulder, which saw him take out the prestigious Pinder Prize and earned him a season at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

 Sam has also toured with the Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow throughout Australia and Asia, is a regular at Splendour in the Grass and the nationwide Falls Festival, and has performed at Sydney Opera House as part of Just For Laughs.

 If you could ignore the fact that he once hosted a show on MTV about Geordie Shore, he’d be most grateful.

 All in all, Sam is firmly cementing himself as one of the hottest young voices on the Australian comedy circuit.

March 25 – April 18