Justin Hamilton is the Winner of Best Comedy Award at 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Read on and spend 5 minutes with Justin Hamilton:

– how would you describe your show to someone who knew nothing about it
It’s a story told in 3 parts about the fall and rise of the comedian John Tilt Animus. (If you want a longer explanation) The first show you see John appear 3 times on a talk show and learn terrible truths. The second show is a murder mystery where nobody can agree who the victim is. The third show sees John being interviewed by someone he doesn’t know, and then he answers incorrectly, he’s shot and must live the moment over again.

– what do you think its best quality is
All 3 shows are created in a way that they’re open to interpretation and anyone’s take on what it means is correct. There are no wrong answers!

– why should people see it
It is a show that is reflective of the times but designed to be interacted with so they’ll sit in the back of your head for a long time afterwards. I’m still receiving emails from Adelaide people who saw it at the Fringe over 5 weeks ago.

– if there is one thing you would like to say to your fans, what is it
These shows are a direct response to the dross that commercial TV and radio serve up to us. They’re weird, they’re surreal and I’m betting they’re the types of stories you can really sink your teeth into.

– what one thing might surprise us to learn about you
 I love disco music because it was all about being in the moment, and that moment has passed, so now there is a melancholic feel to the great disco numbers.

– who has been the greatest influence in your career
From an artistic point of view, it would be a toss up between David Bowie and Grant Morrison. From a personal POV, it would be Mum, who constantly encourages me to write bigger and better shows. 

– who makes you laugh
Who doesn’t make me laugh? I’ve got many funny friends, in and out of comedy. I can’t single out one person. This question is my Sophie’s Choice.

– when did it become clear to you that comedy was your passion
When I was young – I was obsessed with all manner of shows from The Big Gig to the Late Show to the Young Ones to the Marx Brothers. 

– what does comedy and entertainment mean to you
 That when you combine the two correctly you can create a type of art that will sit with people forever.

– what are 3 words that describe you
Always wants snacks.

What happens when you suddenly feel removed from the life you once loved? At three different points in his career, comedian John Tilt Animus learns surprising lessons that could one day lead to his downfall. Justin Hamilton’s new three-part creative masterpiece follows the rise and fall of John Tilt Animus. Like the Marvel movies, see one show for one story or see all three for a mega-story.

Part One: ‘Three Dances’ reveals the moment John fell from grace as he appears three times on a talk show and learns truths he isn’t prepared for.

Part Two: ‘…In a Dark Wood’ focuses on three comedians toasting the death of John. The only problem? Nobody can agree which John died. And what is in that package that was left near the front door?

Part Three: ‘The Girl in the Song’ finds John waking in a place he doesn’t recognise being interviewed by a woman he doesn’t know; her threats are intensifying. Should John be fearing for his life?

Justin Hamilton has carved out an incredibly successful career as a stand-up comedian, writer and stage director, and over the course of his various creative projects, has maintained a unique voice within the Australian comedy scene. Over the course of the last 25 years, Justin has won awards for his solo stand up comedy shows including the Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival for his show Three Colours Hammo. In 2011, The Monthly named Justin as the Comedian of the Decade.

Justin Hamilton – The Ballad Of John Tilt Animus

March 31 – April 21