Canadian/American multi award-winning comic DeAnne Smith is  back in Australia in 2019 with her latest show, Epiphany.

Read on and spend 5 minutes with DeAnne Smith:

-how would you describe your show to someone who knew nothing about it

A fun romp through the ups and downs of being human with a self-described “squirrel in pants.” Hilarious jokes plus affirmations plus a dose of ADD!

– what do you think its best quality is

I love to play with the crowd, so every show is unique to that night! 

– why should people see it

Because they will feel happier and uplifted after, and they owe that to themselves. Plus, I’m very good at comedy. And I’m only here once a year!

– if there is one thing you would like to say to your fans, what is it

Guys! You don’t need me to talk to you via this website. Just come say hello after a show! I am VERY– almost unreasonably– approachable. 

– what one thing might surprise us to learn about you

I have a lot of tattoos. A LOT. I get a new one every year from my buddy Pete Pav at Man’s Ruin in St. Kilda.

– who has been the greatest influence in your career

My parents, for being alcoholics during my childhood, and instilling in me a deep desire to seek attention and approval from people with drinks in their hands! 

– who makes you laugh

Maria Bamford, people who slip but don’t fully fall down in public, and my dog.

– when did it become clear to you that comedy was your passion

The first time I did an open mic. Comedy bit me and wouldn’t let go.

– what does comedy and entertainment mean to you

As a comic, it means that all my otherwise questionable traits (lack of attention span, chattiness, need for approval) are useful and celebrated, and have found the perfect home. It’s truly the greatest and most transformative thing to be in a room full of people laughing, both as a comic and as a comedy fan.

– what are 3 words that describe you


With a prestigious highly sought-after nomination for top Australian comedy award, The Barry, Smith returns to Brisbane Comedy Festival and to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, following their critically acclaimed 2018 show, ‘Worth It’.

In addition to multiple seasons at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, DeAnne has performed all over the world, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Iceland Comedy Festival, the invite-only Just for Laughs Montreal and Chicago, to name a few. She also has an award-winning podcast – “DeAnne Smith’s Questionable at Best”.

If you’ve not yet caught DeAnne Smith’s hilarious, unique and whip-smart brand of comedy, you must.