One of the greatest crime novels of our times is given new life thanks to a razor-sharp stage adaptation by award-winning writer Tom Holloway. Under the expert direction of Sam Strong, Double Indemnity promises twice the ordinary payout in passion and intrigue when it makes its world premiere this month at Arts Centre Melbourne, Playhouse.

With its pitch-perfect dialogue, ultimate femme fatale and the almost perfect crime, Double Indemnity is the undoubted masterpiece of James M Cain’s sensational thrillers of the thirties and forties.Now, MTC brings a world premiere production to Melbourne’s stage with a stellar cast led by Claire van der Boom (Sisters of War) and Leon Ford (Private Lives), accompanied by Jessica Tovey (Wonderland), Richard Piper (Ghosts), Peter Kowitz (The Weir), Edwina Samuels (Wentworth), Lachlan Woods (North by Northwest).

May 30 – July 2