A three month series about who we were and how we’ve changed

We have been forced to stop, we have stayed in our homes, we have video called our friends, we have felt stuck and we have felt restless, we have cautiously stepped outside, we have been relentlessly busy, we have rushed ahead, and we have circuit broken again. Things are changing, and as they do, new ways of living are emerging.

In collaboration with audience, Melbourne Playback Theatre Company are telling stories of unforeseen circumstances and stories of coming forth again. This series of three performances will be the first time Melbourne Playback have performed in person, live, to a public audience for the first time since February 2020.

Melbourne Playback Theatre Company’s critically acclaimed ensemble turn the audience’s true stories into theatre on the spot. Emergence prompts us to consider what it means to change—who were we? And who are we now? This is theatre that springs from the audience’s experience, and the results are often moving, funny and surprising. If you’ve never seen Melbourne Playback in action, this is the show to start with.

St Andrews Uniting Church

85 Gillies St, Fairfield VIC 3078

Saturday August 21, 7pm

Workshop 2, Siteworks

33 Saxon St, Brunswick VIC 3056

Saturday September 18, 7pm

Venue to be announced

October 23, 7pm

For tickets: https://bit.ly/3BOW1NJ

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