A Dr Suess-flavoured story about the many faces and few delights of the inner demons we try to hide but can’t ignore.

 Little Monster is the bedtime story your parents hoped you’d never hear, examining the unwelcome voices in our heads and how they can take over our lives. A new storytelling show written in the rhyming style of Dr Seuss by multi-award winning writer and performer Telia Nevile.

No matter what kind of happy front you see presented on social media feeds, most of us are walking around caught in a wrestling match with our inner demons. Whether you’re in a frustratingly circular conversation with doubt, woken up in a cold sweat by fear, or rooted on the spot by imposter syndrome, you’ve no doubt dreamed of kicking these little monsters out into the cold.

But how did they take up residence in the first place? And why are they trashing the joint?

Featuring stop-motion animation, ‘front row’ feeling, and the intimacy of direct address, the digital performance of Little Monster is not just archival footage, it’s a call-back to the kids shows that used to capture your imagination. Framing the tale as a bedtime story has also allowed the constraint of filming within the artist’s home to compliment the delivery. Audiences are encouraged to watch from a cozy corner with a hot drink and a blanket.

Dates: Saturday 9 October – Sunday 17 October
Bookings: https://melbournefringe.com.au/event/little-monster/ or (03) 9660 9666