Melbourne Fringe Festival is flinging its giant retractable arms wide open to welcome all artists with registrations for participants now open, and closing on Friday 31 May.

Melbourne Fringe is proudly open access, which means that anyone can register to be part of the Festival. The Festival challenges traditional notions of art by creating a space for the big names to stand proudly side by side with the little guys. Freedom of artistic expression is what Fringe is all about.

No matter who you are or where you’re from, your art matters. Melbourne Fringe celebrates creativity in all its glory across 11 different art forms (think cabaret, dance, visual arts, theatre, experimental and more).

All participants need to register is an idea, and the Melbourne Fringe team will support anyone to find a venue and produce their wok. Artists can also apply to be part of the brand-new Fringe Hub at Trades Hall – so be the first to play with Fringe in their new home and be a part of Melbourne Fringe history.

Melbourne Fringe Festival
Artist registrations: open Monday 15 April, close Friday 31 May
Early bird registrations: close Monday 13 May
Festival dates: 12-29 September 2019