An Ice Thing to Say is a Digital Visual Performance part of Melbourne Fringe Festival available to broadcast on demand from 30/09 till 17th of October.  Blending Ice installation, Music and Physical theatre to explore the human being of the Anthropocene, our impact on nature. Drawing on inspiration from Erich Fromm’s book To Have or to Be?, Ecoscenography, and our personal reflections during lockdown, we invite the audience into a multi sensory experience of our inner and outer icy landscapes. We attempt to challenge the idea that the human being is at the centre of the world and to construct an embodied inquire – using a disembodied medium – into ‘what has gone wrong?’

About Vertebra Theatre:

Vertebra Theatre is an ensemble of Theatre Makers with passion for creating contemporary experimental Visual and Physical Theatre. With a taste of the Absurd and the Visual Storytelling we seek to explore the interplay between the dynamics of life, imagination, myths and science creating original and socially informed writing for stage. Placing the Body and Collaboration in the core of our practice and research, we strive to create artistic work that is radical, relevant and fluid stretching the boundaries between Physical Theatre, Dance, Puppetry and the Visual Arts. Vertebra Theatre Company

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