Attention Singers / Actors who want to branch out to the Professional Scene!

Meisner Melbourne's Professional Actors Program 2013 welcomes Vocal Coach of Legally Blonde, Billy Elliot, Lion King, Tim Smith to their faculty!

What is "The Professional Actors Program?"

Meisner Melbourne's Creative Director – Clare Dea "The Professional Actors Program is a One Year Part Time Program. It has been designed for actors, singers and dancers who are wanting to hone their acting and vocal skills so they can work at a Professional Standard. It is suitable for performers who are interested in Musicals, Theatre, TV and Film."

What techniques and classes are offered in the One Year Program?

Clare – "The course is extremely focused on acting craft, covering Meisner Technique, Sensory/Relaxation, Eric Morris Technique, Practical Aesthetics, Character Work, Screen Acting, Audition Technique. However, we really believe that actors need to be strong singers, working from their Authentic Voice and in touch with how their body works and moves. The course also covering Alexander Technique, Alexander Yoga, Authentic Voice, Movement for Actors, Singing Technique, Dance for Actors and Vocal Alchemy. We are so excited to have Tim join our faculty in 2013. We find his Vocal Alchemy Program is so in line with the Meisner Technique that we teach actors. Tim is an expert in his field and has been coaching singers in all the big Pro Shows for years. To get the opportunity to work with him on a regular basis will be amazing for the actors, especially the actors who have a passion for Musical Theatre. We also have Vicki Pappas teaching singing who also coaches a lot of Melbourne's Pro Singers."

So, who or what is a "Meisner?"

Clare – Sanford Meisner is a famous acting coach from New york who taught the likes of Sandra Bullock, Grace Kelly, Robert Duvall, Diane Keaton, Michelle Pffiefer. Throughout his many years of teaching he designed a group of exercises that really force you into contact and force you to be present and in the moment. There is an amazing 7 part You Tube Series that all actors should watch. See below.

So Clare… What's your background?

Clare – "Well I started working as a Pro Dancer at the tender age of 16 and had my own Performing Arts School from 16 – 23 while I was working as a dancer. I also won a scholarship to train in LA at 19. I then got the Musical Theatre bug in my 20s and sold the school and did some Musical Theatre, but something was missing. I was faking everything I was doing. I wasn't believable and my singing wasn't connected to any kind of truth. So I took a hard look at myself and have committed the last 6 years of my life to acting training, psychology, the authentic voice and what acting is all about, Truth. I think I am a great teacher as I have been the worst actor out there. I have done everything to change and any problem an actor has I have been there so I can help them compassionately. I trained in the Meisner Acting Technique for a few years in Melbourne, however I was hungry for more so I moved to London and trained full time at an amazing Meisner school, The Actors Temple. I have also studied Eric Morris Technique, Sensory, Voice Dialogue, Howard Fine Technique, Practical Aesthetics, Chubbuck Technique, Stella Adler. I am forever a student of the craft, because only your ego says you know everything, and that is somewhere you cannot act from, The Ego! I came back from London and knew that I had touched on magic at The Actors Temple, so here I am in Melbourne, passing the magic on. I only teach 3 nights a week, so I still have a lot of time to train, go to Auditions, do TV, Film Work. I have done quite a bit of TV and shot some films throughout the past few years, but what is more rewarding, is that my students from my past courses are now producing and writing their own work so we really get to put the Technique to use."

So what's different about this course compared to all the other acting courses out there?

Clare  – "Well this program is designed around the 2 year program at The Neighborhood Playhouse in New York. We really hone The Meisner Technique throughout the year and then use other techniques to compliment the training. One term is dedicated to Camera Work so the students will walk away with 2 short films they can use to market themselves in a showreel and also they will have the opportunity to have Agents, Directors, Family and Friends see them work in several Masterclasses throughout the year."

When are Auditions?

Auditions are in December, actors, singers and dancers are encouraged to apply. No Professional Experience is necessary.

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