With the excitement of Cirque Du Soleil's latest phenomenon only weeks away from opening on Australian shores, I was lucky enough to chat with Leo Moctezuma, a lead dancer in Cirque Du Soleil and The Estate of Michael Jacksons  'The Immortal Tour'.


How did you first get into dancing?

I first got into dance by watching Michael Jackson actually and my first musical, which was West Side Story.  In high school, at a community theatre, we did West Side Story and I played Pepe, and just fell in love from there.  Through West Side Story I joined a dance company called 24/7 Dance Force in Honolulu, Hawaii, which prepared me in all different styles of dance to be ready for what now is a professional career as a dancer and choreography on tour for the past 12 years.

The company has a distinct visual style in how it presents shows.  Can you tell us what it's like to fit into the company as a dancer?

What I appreciate abut Cirque du Soleil is that they recognize each person as an artist and they help you continue to grow to your full potential in your field.  As a dancer we can adapt easily to many different styles and incorporating dance with acrobatic movement just brings the show to another level. 

Cirque Du Soleil has produced brilliant shows that continually re imagine how live theatre should be done , what is the creative process like from an artists perspective.

For Michael Jackson THE IMMORTAL World Tour there was a team of creators that represented Michael Jackson and Cirque du Soleil to really understand both sides.  The creation process was about 1.5 years, 1 of that was spent just with the creators designing the show.  They spent some time at Neverland Ranch to learn more about Michael Jackson and gain inspiration.  After the show was designed, the artists were hired and went to Montreal to finish the process.  We were in Montreal for about 6 months, working with the creators and choreographers.  The great thing about this process is that the creative team experimented with the artists to see what works with each person’s body and perfected that instead of forcing movement.  They created the final product with the artists.

The Immortal Tour has toured extensively.  What has been your favorite city to perform in?

Not a specific city, but Japan as a whole has been my favorite.  Japan was very eager to participate and have a good time.  But, I’m actually really looking forward to Australia because being on tour in Australia a few times already I’ve seen the great energy and how the people come alive.  They love music.

What can Australia expect from Cirque Du Soleil, The Immortal Tour?

They can expect mind blowing visuals, high energy dance, and timeless music that will move your soul.



Tour Schedule
Perth -­‐ Perth Arena
Wednesday 18 September 8pm Thursday 19 September 8pm Friday 20 September 8pm
Sydney -­‐ Allphones Arena
Thursday 26 September 8pm Friday 27 September 8pm
Saturday 21 September 4pm & 8pm Sunday 22 September 5pm
Saturday 28 September 4pm & 8pm Sunday 29 September 4pm & 8pm
Brisbane – Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Wednesday 2 October 8pm Thursday 3 October 8pm Friday 4 October 8pm
Melbourne – Rod Laver Arena
Wednesday 9 October 8pm Thursday 10 October 8pm Friday 11 October 8pm
Saturday 5 October 4pm & 8pm Sunday 6 October 8pm
Saturday 12 October 4pm & 8pm Sunday 13 October 4pm & 8pm
Adelaide – Adelaide Entertainment Centre
Tuesday 15 October 8pm Wednesday 16 October 8pm Thursday 17 October 8pm

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“A thriller of a show!” – USA Today

“If you love Michael Jackson, or razor-­‐sharp choreography, or ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia in any way, you will love this show.” – LA Weekly
“The show-­‐stopping tribute fans have been awaiting since the King of Pop’s passing. The show is an unapologetic love letter to Michael Jackson and his fans, using the stunning talents of Cirque du Soleil to bring Jackson’s final wishes for his world tour to life.” – Edge Boston
“Michael Jackson would have loved his show. It’s big and bright and outrageous. Some of it doesn’t even seem possible.” – Huffington Post