MDMS have something a little different up there sleeve in 2011…. and they want you on board!

If we’re honest, we’ll admit we’ve all done it. Whether it’s singing into a hairbrush in front of the mirror, spending hours making up (or spending hours learning to copy) a dance routine, or creating your own ‘musical’ to be performed in the living room in front of your long suffering parents, we can’t seem to resist that urge to perform.

We love doing shows, but how often do we get to perform the songs we want, in the style that we want? How often do we wait for our favourite musical to come around, only to audition and miss out on our dream role by a whisker? Or, and this is frequently the case for many hard core theatre people, how often do we find our favourite musical never get performed because it’s so obscure that only twelve people in the world have ever heard of it?

Well people, it’s time to pick up the hairbrush and get creating.

Inspired by the smash hit Glee, MDMS is putting on a variety concert in which YOU get to choose what you want to perform.

We’re looking for groups of two or more people to construct a 15-20 minute musical performance piece – you might be a vocal group or choir performing some of your best numbers, or you might like to write and perform your own mini-musical. Any genre, any style – you might go for something funny, a mix of your favourite songs, or use it as a chance to perform some of those cult classics that no one but you has ever heard of. Got a new spin on an old classic? We’d love to hear that too!

You’re truly in charge – you’re in control of the staging, the costuming, the choreography and liaising with our MD. We’ll provide the space, a band, lighting and sound support – and an audience to cheer you on. During each concert, the audience will vote for their favourite performance and the winners will take home a prize as well as being able to bask in the general glory of victory!

Your group will need to be able to commit to three rehearsals and three performances in mid to late April 2011. We’ll be running a basic audition process in February next year, where prospective groups will give us a five minute taste of what they have to offer.

Keep an eye on the TP auditions page for further details and remember…don’t stop believing!