MEDIA RELEASE 4th April 2014

Melbourne get ready… May the fourth is International Star Wars Day and Melbourne Youth Music is presenting a not-to-be-missed intergalactic spectacular at Melbourne Recital Centre for Star Wars fans young and old.

Melbourne Youth Orchestra will join with leading Australian conductor Brett Kelly, guest musicians, choirs and actors, to lead a 200 member strong campaign to unleash an attack that is bound to be the talk of the empire!

Featuring iconic Star Wars themes by the galaxy’s most successful and prolific film composer, John Williams, the event will 'force' the audience to choose their own fate as either Sith or Jedi. Expect a divided auditorium and prepare for an epic clash as star wars fans from all over don a costume and 'strike back'!

Members of Melbourne’s choral community will come together to form the Tusken Raider Choir, Grand Choir of the Republic and Imperial Army Chorale.

Actors from the 501st and Hoth Base will feature on the day to add to the ceremony. There will even be a photo booth so that Sith's and Jedi's from all over can remember the occasion, under Storm trooper guard, of course!

For the die-hard fans, the event will incorporate a Cantina at interval where premium ticket holders have access to the Mos Eisley space port featuring the musical talents of the Cantina Band. Jedi's and Sith's in the Cantina can enjoy imperial refreshments, all the while seeking a pilot to smuggle them to Alderaan.

What is your destiny? Choose your own fate by selecting your seat and attire in Jedi or Sith sections of the auditorium for a spectacular that combines a full orchestra, choir, actors, lights and more… What better way to celebrate International Star Wars Day?!

Sunday 4 May, aka May The Fourth, from 5pm. (75 min duration)

Melbourne Recital Centre (Elisabeth Murdoch Hall)

Choose Your Fate…
Standard Jedi $53.80 ($33.80 concession)
Standard Sith $53.80 ($33.80 concession)
Jedi + Cantina* $83.80
Sith + Cantina* $83.80
*Jedi and Sith Cantina tickets include a standard Star Wars: In Concert ticket plus access to the exclusive Mos Eisley Cantina at interval.
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The concert marks Melbourne Youth Orchestra's debut at Melbourne Recital Centre. With a proven history of training today’s professional musicians, Melbourne Youth Orchestra is recognised as one of Australia’s finest ensemble training programs and is led by Melbourne Youth Music, who have since 1967  been inspiring young people to reach their potential through music.

One of Australia’s leading resident conductors, over the past decade, guest conductor and MC Brett Kelly has regularly conducted the Melbourne, Tasmanian, Sydney, Adelaide and West Australian Symphony Orchestras, along with The Queensland Orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra and award winning seasons with Australia’s premier contemporary opera company, Chambermade Opera. Brett is also Principal Trombonist of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and during his career has worked with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the Sydney Opera House Orchestra, the Orchestra “Arturo Toscanini” (Italy) and the Singapore Symphony.

While this repertoire is known the world over as some of the most iconic movie music of all time, it is not widely known that it is incredibly challenging repertoire to perform.

Melbourne Youth Music is delighted to have the guidance of our guest mentors for this program who will assist the orchestra members through the rehearsal period and share the stage with their young padawans. As highly respected musicians in the Melbourne music scene and beyond, each mentor brings a wealth of knowledge to the program. The orchestra members have expanded their knowledge of the stylistic intricacies of the movie music genre and also been inspired to new heights through under the tutelage of these fabulous musicians:
Sarah Curro, guest Concertmaster
Jasen Moulton, guest French horn principal
Shane Hooton, guest trumpet principal
Chris Farrands, guest trombone principal