Are you a fan of ‘Captain USA’, The ‘God of Thunder’, or that guy who turns super angry and green? Do you Cringe whenever seeing the recent films about the ‘Man who’s too Super’, the ‘Woman of Wonder’, or that guy with the unhealthy Bat obsession? Well, this is the cabaret for you!

Marveled is a comical exploration of the films associated with the those first mentioned, clearly superior characters, cleverly parodying musical theatre repertoire! Watch as your favourites sing of lost love, the burden of being super ridiculously good looking, or even the tough life of being a secondary colour.

As well as talking about the obvious perfection which is the MCU, this show also takes a closer and more critical look at films apart of the DC Expanded Universe (DCEU), observing how many of them should, frankly, be burned beyond repair.

Phill Davies (Writer, Performer) has completed 3 years of training in Musical Theatre at institutions in and around Melbourne, working with a range of current industry professionals. In 2017, he performed the first workshop of Marveled at Chapel Off Chapel in Prahran as apart of Melissa Langton and Mark Jones’ The Cabaret Showcases to a very promising reception.

Marveled is playing for a LIMITED SEASON from the 4th– 9thof June! Book your tickets for one of the 5 shows commencing at 7pm. Return that copy of the Justice League you should never have bought, and buy a ticket to Marveled instead!