Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took the soapy melodrama of Neighbours and combined it with the impromptu hilarity of Whose Line is it Anyway?

Well, wonder no more as Colette Mann and Geoff Paine, in their Melbourne International Comedy Festival debut, spend a 50 highly entertaining minutes demonstrating the “Mann Paine Method” (thumbs up) and how you can successfully act big on a small screen.

Mann Up and Take The Paine is based on a simple premise. Using a suggested storyline from the audience, Colette and Geoff act out scenes, whilst teaching important acting techniques like ‘The Turn’ and blocking.

As the scene progresses, audience members become actors, sound engineers, lighting, camera operators and the obligatory eye candy.

The storyline on our night involved Celine Dion music being played too loud, a pregnancy, questionable family relations, a Canadian Nike employee and ultimately, a happy ending.

Given it was opening night and it is an improv show based on the skill level of the audience members selected, there were a few prop and prompt glitches, but I’m sure these will be ironed out as Colette and Geoff refine the core story.

It really is a delight to see two icons of Australian television on stage together, unleashing their improv and comedy talents. You can tell they are extremely comfortable with each other, as it takes a high level of trust to successfully execute improv.

And as a bonus, if neither of them has an early call the next day, they will stick around for a drink and a chat!