The Lockdown Monologues is a three-part series of live online performances capturing the experiences of people living through the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia.

Three Melbourne playwrights, Jane HarrisonTom Holloway and Jean Tong, have written nine solos based on real stories of how this moment in history is changing us. The strange, the funny, the brutal and the profound, these monologues are the product of a series of interviews across the community, capturing a moment of transformation in the lives of nine ordinary people. Performed live from the homes of nine actors, this project provides an intimate and deeply personal perspective on this moment of global adversity.

The singer (written by Tom Holloway, directed by Bridget Balodis)

An opera singer living and working Freiberg, Germany, contracts coronavirus. Her health-scare forces her to take a rest from the frenetic pace of her career and consider what’s actually important, about life, about making art and about being together.

Cast / Emma J Hawkins

At Your Own Peril (written by Jean Tong, directed by Ra Chapman)

A Malaysian-Chinese International student counsels a friend on whether studying in Australia is a good idea. They recount a recent racist verbal assault they experienced, one that has shattered their illusions about Australia and brings the underlying racism in our society and government into focus. They’ve come from innocence, and now they’re waking up to the world.

Cast / Bernard Sam

What Matters (written by Jane Harrison, directed by Kamarra Bell-Wykes)

A First Nations woman decides to take her family on Country to do lockdown. Together they find peace in stripping things back to their most essential; chopping wood, fetching water, with no internet and no real connection to the outside world. On returning to the city, she discovers the news of George Floyd’s death and the explosion of the Black Lives Matter movement, here and overseas.

Cast / Lisa Maza

The monologues are free to watch, but audiences need to register via to receive the streaming link to watch.