Luke Heggie is one of the most consistent deliverers of quality laughs at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and this year’s typically deadpan offering, HAVE THAT, is no exception. If you’ve seen him in past years you’ll know that Heggie’s show is a solid hour of jokes weaved together in a storytelling way – not casual and free-flowing, but rather fast-paced and barely stopping for his audiences to pick up the many cunningly worded punchlines seeded and so quickly walked away from. It’s skilled, classy work that would provide enough material to fill three shows for some other comedians.

If you have a streak of misanthropy running deep inside you (even the best of us do, right?) then Heggie’s sardonic and dark sense of humour will tickle your funny bone with his withering take on contemporary society. Whether it’s fancy French cafes or social media influencers, new-age feminists or bogan behaviours on the work site, Heggie has a take down for them all.

At times this ‘you know what I hate’ kind of humour can seem a bit intolerant, although it’s very easy to empathise with, but I think it’s all comedy bluster on Heggie’s part. He’s clearly a highly intelligent and considerate guy, it’s just that he uses viciously precise and wicked put downs to get the best laugh. The only fear is that at times these laughs might be granting permission for the less tolerant to feel like it’s okay to feel that way, rather than it being a guilty pleasure.   

Heggie seems to eschew the kind of commercial work that could see him become the household name he deserves to be. A chip on his shoulder about the work of other comedians being lauded as genius reveals a desire for more credit. Well here it is. Luke Heggie is a brilliant comedian. Do yourself a favour and go see why.