Jem, Ella and Harry are friends. Best Friends. Three twenty-somethings connected by a shared love of The Real Housewives, the queen of reinvention Kylie Minogue (NOT Madonna) and a healthy dose of cynicism about everything and everyone. They’ve been through it all since meeting at film school: the Holy Trinity, bitch!

After months apart, the gang’s back together at Jem’s parents’ beach house on the Mornington Peninsula for one last night of bad movies, pizza and cheap wine before he packs up his bags for a move to New York. Will Jem’s imminent pursuit of his own personal growth change the rich tapestry of their friendship forever? Will they be able to cope in a world without each other? Or worse, a world where one of them doesn’t need the others?

Love You Bitch is written by Alberto Di Troia and directed by Hannah Fallowfield (better known as Stage Mom), the award-winning duo behind the smash hits Truly Madly Britney, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Cooking For, and Love Me (Bar)Tender.

“We wanted to tell a story about the messiness and complexity of friendship. How our friends can bring out both the best and worst in us,” say the duo. “After lockdown, we think it’s important to return to stories about human connection. This play puts a focus on the funny, sad and awkward process of being intimate with (and asking for help from) other people.”

So gather up the people who know you too well for this hilarious, moving and deeply relatable play about friendship, finding (or losing) your way in the world and the secret meaning behind Kylie’s Spinning Around.

April 24 – 28