Since its earliest styles, dance has been an art form through which to express and communicate. From communicating to the gods in tribal dances, to a subtle foray into flirting with the stately court waltzes, dance has always had deeper meaning than just moving about the stage.

Ballet often tells romantic stories of love, or tragic fairytales through its delicate yet demanding movements. Hip Hop is a freedom of expression and a way to add to the music with your body. Broadway Jazz helps create character and progress the plot of a musical while physicalizing emotions. And contemporary dance is all about the deep feelings being released in a beautiful and free way that combines many other genres, but is outside the realm of classical ballet.


Melbourne is lucky enough to see more and more dance theatre pieces on its stages. Dance is an art form that is so universally accessible, especially contemporary, because the dancers are merely expressing emotions we all feel. They are taking passion, despair, love, joy, fear and anger and using their bodies to communicate them.
Often, art forms cross over. Dance and song are combined in Musical Theatre, just as drama and song are combined in Opera. And dance and art are to be combined in the new dance theatre piece, Look Right Through Me.

We all know the artist Leunig. East Melbourne man, Michael Leunig combined his passions of art and philosophy into his now famous cartoons, which comment on life in a humorous and poignant way. Theatre Company KAGE has taken the idea of Leunig’s beloved cartoons and created a unique and compelling piece of physical theatre that “dances between brittle whimsy, soul-searching angst and delirious wonder, propelling Leunig’s unmistakable worldview into the third dimension.”

KAGE itself, debuting in 1997, has helped guide dance into a new era. It’s fresh take on physical-theatre and it’s unwillingness to fit into any one genre has earned it international awards as well as a myriad of impressed and moved audiences. Co-Directors Kate Denborough and Garard Van Dyck have unleashed their unique vision upon the country, exploring humanity through visually stunning productions with a constant undercurrent ofhumour despite the grand philosophical questions they raise within their shows.

Look Right Through Me tells a unique story. “A man wakes after a long night of abandon to find himself broken and lost. As he retraces his way home, chance meetings give him relief and cast a gentle light on the deadly, delirious and wondrous world he has, until now, been blind to. Each moment of human connection, be it an outstretched hand or a clenched fist, informs every act for his survival.

Opening 9th of September at 7:30, Look Right Through Me promises to entertain, move and astound you not only with the dexterity of it’s dancers, but with it’s ability to put a spotlight onto those crucial facts of life that often slip between the cracks of our minds. It runs until the 18th of September at the Merlyn Theatre, at the Malthouse.

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