Sounding more like a sheep farmer from Llanddewi Brefi than an erudite stand-up comedian, Lloyd Langford is funny for a lot more than first appearances might have you believe. It’s the first time at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the British comedian – actually hailing from Port Talbot in South Wales – but he’s no newbie to the funny business, having worked in British television and radio as both a writer and performer for almost a decade.

Proof of his skill as a writer comes from the outset of this routine as Langford rolls out a bunch of jokes based on stories collected since arriving in Australia. Shitty Air BnB’s and Palmer United Party commercials get a well-deserved roasting, and an overheard conversation between two local girls makes for a brilliant one-liner. It’s a brave move to try out new work rather than stick to tried and tested gear that he would know guarantees laughs at home, so it earns him instant brownie points with Melbourne audiences used to hearing less confident British comedians not even bothering to localise their references. While not everything slays the room, for the most part this clearly new material lands well and wins over the crowd.

Once he gets to the pre-prepared stuff, it’s interesting to uncover just how dark Langford’s sense of humour can go, from jokes about Hitler and paedophiles, to pooing your pants in an airport massage chair, there clearly aren’t boundaries that this sweet voiced wolf in sheep’s clothing won’t leap over. Lloyd Langford is a comedian to keep an eye on, and a great tip for anyone wanting to see someone new during this year’s festival. Hopefully it won’t be his last – he’s got a pre-rejected filthy show title ready to go for it, so that’s a good sign at least.