A poor Croatian village girl is called to a new life in far away Australia by a father she has longed for, but can barely remember.

In this exuberant cabaret Josipa Draisma shares the deeply personal, but universal tale of her mother’s migrant experience.

Ljubičica – Wild Violet is the story of this country, it’s everyone’s story.

A young girl grows up in a remote village in Croatia. At bedtime her beloved grandmother tells her stories of a man sailing the high seas seeking ‘paradise’ for his family. This man – her father – is a stranger to her. When her grandmother suddenly dies, her life is turned upside down. The money her father had been sending dries up leaving her family to survive on scraps. Perhaps her father has found a new wife, a new family? Trapped in a one-roomed house with her mother, sisters and alcoholic grandfather, the wild violets of Croatia become her only comfort in a childhood beset by cruelty, hunger and poverty.

Experience an evocative evening of spirited Croatian music that transcends culture and language. These emotionally charged Sevdalinka, Bećarac and Klapa  songs will transport you to a faraway place evoking tears of nostalgia and laughter.

June 21 – 26