“My name is Lila Gray. I died in Richmond, Virginia in 1964. And in Manhattan, 1945; France 1772; Northern England 1985… you get the picture.

I like to think of myself as a gypsy of sorts, moving from body to body. Each body has it’s own mind- some brilliant, some feeble, some flaccid… but you learn to work with what and whom you’re allocated.

So what am I, exactly?
Don’t ask me what I am, I don’t know what I am.
And don’t ask me how I got here, I don’t know how I got here.
I’m just here… and so are you.

I know this ‘transmigration of the soul’ sounds pretty amazing.
Immortality. Eternal youth. 
But some of the bodies you’ll inhabit will be just plain mediocre. So, you do what you have to do…” 


Lila Gray is an old soul.
But she’s not particularly wise.

Approaching her existences with a deluded nonchalance, Lila waltzes through a series of darkly humorous events, leaving a bizarre trail of destruction in her wake.

Fickle, obsessive and impulsive to a ridiculous degree, will she ever learn from her mistakes?

A unique, comic look at the migration of the soul, Lila Gray poses the universal question ‘So… what happens next?!’

“… such joy de vivre… effortless storytelling… she is brilliant. FIVE STARS” – ADELAIDE ADVERTISER

“… utterly captivating… a superb songstress… although neurotic and a little scary, she leaves you craving more” – CABARET CONFESSIONAL

Best Cabaret Nominee, Adelaide Fringe Festival 2011

Written and performed by Emma Clair Ford
Musical Direction by Vicky Jacobs
Directed by Alister Smith

Wednesday 20 and Thursday 21 July, both shows at 6.15pm
$33 / $30
Council Chamber, South Melbourne Town Hall