Back by popular demand, Let’s Get Practical! Live at the 2018 Melbourne International Comedy Festival heralds the triumphant return of the award-winning trolls of the Melbourne theatre scene, The Very Good Looking Initiative (TVGLI).

Let’s Get Practical is Australia’s most popular talk show! Hosted by Mister Practical himself, Elliott Gee, this late night viewing favourite serves up non-stop entertainment and the biggest names around. A fast-paced, high en-ergy, anxiety-inducing show, Let’s Get Practical! Live will have audiences wanting to get down and dance, or get up and leave.

A left of the centre journey into one man’s well of anxiety, Let’s Get Practical! Live was developed and created by TVGLI as an exploration into male depression. How toxic masculinity undoes men by rejecting the idea that any-thing considered “feminine” (like being sad or depressed) is weak and undesirable. A superbly crafted, chaotic dark comedy, audiences won’t experience anything else quite like it at this years’ MICF.

April 10 – 25