A classic Australian story about families dealing with loss and each other…

In the play Away, three ordinary, yet very different, families set off on their Christmas holidays on the coast during the summer of 1967-1968.   Each of the families hopes that the holiday will resolve the crisis that they face: one family deals with the death of their son in the Vietnam War, another faces the prospect of losing their son through Leukaemia and the other faces their daughter simply growing up.  During a storm the three families find themselves thrown together on the beach and their antagonism explodes.

Susan Flint, director of Essendon Theatre Company’s latest production of Away, said it best:

“The play is still very relevant today.  It brings a close look at families coping with loss – be it through war, illness or simply children growing up and away from their parents.  It deals with the emotions people go through as they deal with situations that life throws their way.  This confronts their ideals, plans and ultimately their coping mechanisms. The fact that it’s so timeless is probably why it is still on the literature list for Australian Secondary schools.”

Away is beloved by many Australians and Susan agrees:

 “I think people love watching plays that they can see a ‘bit of themselves in’ or recognise people they know from everyday life.  Away certainly brings its share of ‘Aussie stereotypes’.  Michael Gow has taken a dark topic but mixed it with the infamous Aussie sense of humour.”

This play has been on Susan’s “to-do list” since playing one of the characters in the play some time ago:

 “I loved playing Coral and I simply love this play – it has such good meaty parts for all the actors.  Working with the cast in developing and bringing out these characters has been a pleasure – we hope you enjoy Away as much as we enjoy performing it for you.”

So if you love Australian theatre, sharp humour and poignant drama be sure to see Away at Essendon Theatre Company.



Away by Michael Gow

Directed by Susan Flint


Essendon Theatre Company

Bradshaw Street Community Hall

Bradshaw Street (off Buckley Street)

West Essendon

Melways Reference 28 B3


March 18th, 19th, 20th @ 8:00pm

March 21st Sunday Matinee @ 2:00pm

March 25th, 26th, 27th @ 8:00pm

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All Evening Performances $15 per ticket

All Matinee Performances $12.00 per ticket

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