Congratulations to all the successful auditionees for CLOC’s ‘LEGALLY BLONDE’.  We look forward to working with you all in the lead up to our season at The National Theatre St Kilda, Oct 3 -18 2014.


ELLE WOODS  |   Melanie Ott                 

EMMETT FORREST  |    Josh Gavin                            

WARNER HUNTINGTON III  |   Matthew Clayton        

VIVIENNE KENSINGTON  |   Amelia Ropé               

BROOKE WYNDHAM   |   Holly Loughran           

PAULETTE BELAFONTE   |   Sarah Watson              

PROFESSOR CALLAHAN   |   Jon Sebastian              

ENID HOOPES  |  Bianca Bruce               


Djon Alexander, Madison Beck, Katie Bull (SERENA), Bryce Dunn, Laura Greenhalgh, Nicole Kapiniaris (MARGOT), Sophie Loughran, Jason Mill, Cameron O’Reilly, Thomas O’Reilly, Warwick Reid, Giancarlo Salamanca, Blair Salmon, Kirra Sibel (PILAR), Tailem Tynan, Carly Watson, Christopher Welldon.


Bruiser played by Taco.

Rufus played by Betty.

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