In the smorgasbord of Australia comedy, Lawrence Mooney is high-end pub grub: reliable, hearty, and palatable. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll see the layers of craft involved. A comedian and writer, Mooney is perhaps best known for his work on radio. A staple on the Australian comedy circuit for many years, Mooney still proves himself to be as reliable for a good night out as a parma and a pot.

Taking to the stage, Lawrence immediately creates a loose environment for the audience in his latest show Like Literally. Encouraging audience members to relax, go grab a drink and walk around, we may as well been at our local on a Friday night. All we needed the footy on in the background. As he cracks on with the show, it becomes apparent that despite Mooney’s blokey demeanour and the usual smattering of jokes about poo, sports and drinking, the man certainly knows his craft. A gifted storyteller, Mooney cleverly shifts from yarn to yarn, weaving in callbacks, stories about getting older and even taking pot-shots at his lighting operator. Mooney mentions he’s at the stage in his life where he’s after his ‘big hero moment’ and details a hilarious confrontation with two graffiti artists he caught tagging his roller-door.

Known for his Malcolm Turnbull impersonation on Triple M, Mooney takes on our current PM twice, the second time staging a mock press conference and fielding questions from the audience. It was a bit of a hit and miss ending to an otherwise enjoyable hour of stand-up. Crass but never too offensive, Mooney has enough likeable charm to save himself from being that surly guy in the sports bar you just wish would get in a taxi and go home