World renowned awarding-winning Australian artist Tim Sharp’s colourful superhero Laser Beak Man will be brought to life on stage in an eye-popping theatrical extravaganza described as “part puppet show, part pop rock concert” at Arts Centre Melbourne from 19 – 21 September, 2019.

Dead Puppet Society’s theatrical powerhouse boasts an all-star creative line-up helmed by Artistic Director David Morton, Executive Producer Nicholas Paine and Sharp himself, with original music from Ball Park Music front man Sam Cromack and design by Helpmann Award winner Jonathon Oxlade.

Laser Beak Man is based on the drawings of Queensland artist Tim Sharp, who has autism, and has won fans from around the world with his unique sense of humour and happy and very original art. Sharp created the character Laser Beak Man when he was 11 years old to show the world his sense of humour and his original way of looking at life. Since then his work has been exhibited internationally, inspired a eight-part animated series on the Cartoon Network, has been the subject of the numerous documentaries and a book, Double Shot of Happiness as well as appearing as a motivational speaker with his mother Judy.

The stage adaptation is jam-packed with his trademark visual witticisms and kaleidoscopic characters brought to life by seven actors, more than 35 original puppets, including fully-functional 3D puppets, Dead Puppet Society’s trademark form-pushing animations and an infectious live soundtrack by Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack.

Local hero Laser Beak Man works hard to maintain Power City’s reputation as the most beautiful city in the world. Drawing energy from the underground Magna Crystals that power the City, his beak has the ability to shoot lasers that turn bad to good. That is until Peter Bartman, evil genius and Laser Beak Man’s estranged childhood friend, steals the Magna Crystals, robbing our colourful superhero of his powers.

September 19 – 21