It is almost exactly 2 years since I last saw Lady Sings it Better, and they were just as entertaining as I remembered. Their current show Storytime features Maeve Marsden, Libby Wood, Annaliese Szota and Fiona Pearson, a quartet of amazing vocal ability. They transform popular music originally made famous by male vocalists, into intricate 4 part harmonies. Along the way, they expose the rampant misogyny and sexism prevalent in contemporary music, and manage all of that while keeping the audience in a constant state of hilarity.

Lady Sings it Better was once again ably accompanied by Hayden Barltrop on Piano and Lauren Allison on the Cajon and high hat.

As it has been two years since I had last seen Lady Sings it Better perform, I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more new material in the show.  They do such a good job of combining the comedic element (through facial expression, emphasis on certain lyrics, and choreography) and high quality vocals, however, that is not a chore in the slightest to listen to a repeat performance. There were a few new numbers, such as Brian McFadden’s Just The Way You Are (Drunk At The Bar), that demonstrate that there is no shortage of offensive lyrics out there for the ladies to expose.

It is amazing that any choreography at all can be performed on a stage as small as that in the Butterfly Club, especially when six people and a piano are on stage, but Marsden, Wood, Szota and Pearson make it look easy, and I for one was dancing along with them in my seat. The ladies also bring it into the audience on occasion – they can be surprisingly and hilariously creepy during the stalker medley…

As in their previous shows, Storytime has a strong feminist vibe. It’s a bit of an educational experience to realise how sexist, derogatory or offensive the lyrics of some popular music by male  artists can be, but the shock of discovery is eased by the humour in the presentation and the amazing sound that is produced when these four voices combine. This year they broke the rules a bit, closing the show with a Beyoncé medley – a celebration of independent, strong women.

If you have seen Lady Sings it Better before, you don’t need me to tell you it is worth a repeat visit. If you haven’t – what are you waiting for? Get down to the Butterfly Club, enjoy a themed cocktail and see for yourself how the ladies definitely sing it better!