It would be difficult to walk away from the magnificent production without knowing you have witnessed something amazing.

From the moment you enter the Spiegeltent you are transported to the sensual world of circus cabaret.

Relaxing with a glass of red, the buzz of excitement in the tent gave me the impression I wouldn’t be let down….and La Soirée proved me right.

La SoireeMiss Frisky and her version of CeCe Peniston’s ‘Finally’ opened the evening – this performer can sing and work a tent! A truly wonderful way to open a sultry show.

The English Gents: (top) Hamish McCann (top) and Denis Lock in La SoiréeThe English Gents yet again thrilled the audience with their amazing acrobatic skills, physiques, balance and concentration with just the right amount of ‘British’ humour to round the performance and the audience certainly gave their appreciation.




One of my personal favourites for the evening, Canadian clown Mooky hit the stage. Now I’m not usually a fan of clowns, but her use of an unsuspecting audience member was hilarious along with polished comic timing and clever repartee, certainly not the type of clowns I have been use to in the past.

la soiree 2New act Mario Queen of the Circus entertained the crowd with his excellent command of physical comedy and again unsuspecting audience participation. Clad in leather look outfit (think Village People / Freddie Mercury) and donning a grease paint moustache he juggled, unicycled and ‘sung’ to perfection, even when balancing an audience member on his shoulders straddling a unicycle. He had the crowd in raptures.

pipe la soiree


From outrageous comedy to subtle beauty, Denis Lock, one half of the English Gents, made his way on to stage to perform perhaps the most captivating of acts, bubble blowing. Using pipe smoke he managed to create the most wonderful forms of art ranging from volcanoes to carousels. The audience where spellbound to say the least.

All the acts were brilliant in their own unique way. To pick out all the fine moments would be a never-ending task. But one thing is for sure, together they combined to make a truly memorable ensemble production by taking the audience on a journey from gasping physical awe, through whimsy, to subtle bubble beauty, all with a soundtrack of international accents and song.

Little wonder they extended the sell-out season.

Pics courtesy of La Soirée.