“La Soirée” is back at Perth’s Fringe World for a fourth year and, again, audiences can expect to be amazed, teased and thrilled, Cabaret Decadanse 5 - LA SOIREE 2019.Photo by James Henryin equal measure. 

The artists in “La Soirée” remind us of the dedication and commitment to excellence required to be a part of this fantastic production. The show is bold, mesmerising, and the stunts will have you gasping in disbelief at what you have witnessed.

Opening the show in 2019, and appearing again later, is Cabaret Décadanse from Montreal. Puppeteers André-Anne Leblanc and Colin St-Cyr-Duhamel are skilful operators, controlling the puppets with a dynamism that is hilarious and sassy. 

Mallakhamb India-featuring-Rajesh-Rao-LA SOIREE 2019.ORIGINAL image-2-photo-credit-brinkhoff-mogenburg-3-2As the duo Rajesh Amrale and Aakash Pilwalkar of Mallakhamb India take to the stage they astound the audience on the Indian Pole. It was a treat to have a traditional circus act in Lucky Hell who is an esteemed sword swallower, glamourous and self-assured. 

Wearing costumes that bring to mind the circus master, Carla Lippis provides some sultry vocals in a performance that is fierce and captivating. Lily Martinez performs her infamous red hanky striptease that is so simple, yet so effective. The Ukrainian circus duo, Irina Bessonova and Vladimir Todorashko, delight and shock audiences with their dynamic routines. Equally, acrobat Ben Lewis produces a strong strap routine, and Will Meager delivers a daring Fratelli Rossi - LA SOIREE 2019.DSCF4837routine on the small stage with the Cyr Wheel. Though the highlight was Will Underwood’s powerful performance as a man seemingly drowning his sorrows due to a relationship breakup. He holds a bottle of liquor and clings to, climbs and free-falls along the Chinese pole, cheating death, as if playing with the idea of suicide. Underwood’s routine bridges the gap between theatre and circus, a direction I would like to see more of.

Ben Lewis - 2016_SOH_LA SOIREE 2019. credit Prudence Upton 387The final performance from Fratelli Rossi saw acrobatic brothers Alejandro and Ricardo execute some of the most dangerous, electrifying and breath-taking tricks I have ever seen.

“La Soirée” is a sexy, spectacular and daring production that brings together some of the world’s best performers that redefine circus and cabaret. 

 “La Soirée” is showing at The Ice Cream Factory, 92 Roe Street, Northbridge. Remaining performances on January 31, February 1-3, 5-10, 12-17, 19-24, 26-28 and March 1-3 at various times. Tickets from $35: https://fringeworld.com.au/whats_on/club-swizzle-fw2019

Club Swizzle ticket holders will be honoured with “La Soirée” tickets. Age Restriction: 18+ – includes strong nudity. 

Don’t miss it!