Artistic director Liz Jones has invited an eclectic mob of La Mama artists to present short seasons of work. “With new gems, old favourites and everything in between. The Mini-Fest is as much a snapshot of our history as a celebration of our future. It forms an essential part of our year-long celebration. Working with a diverse group of acclaimed artist across both La Mama and La Mama Courthouse we are presenting works by:”
Maude and Anni Davey
James Clayden
Susie Dee and Patricia Cornelius
Barry Dickins and Mary Helen Sassman
Daniel Schlusser
Lloyd Jones
Laurence Strangio
Tes Lyssiotis
The Rabble
Sandy MacGreggor
John Romerill
Mic Smith
Nicola Gunn
Peter Finlay
Caroline Lee
Mammad Aidani
Jill O’Callaghan
Dennis Coard
Sofia Chapman
Ella Filar

They will finish the festival with a two-week season of David Williamson’s new play Credentials, directed by Tom Gutteridge.

July 10 – August 13
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